Yemen Socio-Economic Update, Issue 58 – March 2021 [EN/AR] – Yemen

The impact of conflict and war on the transport and logistics sector and “its economic, social and humanitarian effects”

Status quo.. Effect.. Way Forward


Transport sector with its various branches; Road, sea and air are considered to be the main arteries connecting various cities, urban and rural areas as well as population settlements. At the local level, it links markets, production sites and export ports to locomotives of economy and development in terms of production, consumption and trade. Regionally and internationally, it connects the country to the rest of the world, including foreign financial markets, purchases, trade movements, investment flows, supply chain movements and ideas, traditional and used in all the world’s stations and its various parts. Doing roaming. Modern means of transport and communication. The technological and informational revolution has helped to bring distances closer, reduce costs, reduce time, and eliminate barriers and geography, turning the world into a market in which virtual transmission and access difficulties have been overcome. Has been given.

Logistics in transport are among the major issues adversely affecting the growth of the economy and affecting the education, health, livelihood and more importantly mobility of the people. Logistics services in transportation are also among the most important factors affecting economic activity, production movement, accessibility and receiving and receiving of various materials, goods and services.

This issue of the YSEU Bulletin highlights the transport profile in Yemen and highlights this topic through analysis, evaluation, forward-looking and review of the most prominent recent developments and impacts observed by Yemen, in particular by the transport sector and logistics. Created Consequences It provides services provided as a result of war and conflict in the economic, social and humanitarian spheres.

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