Upcoming WhatsApp update will make it easier to contact business on Android: Here’s how it works

WhatsApp updates usually bring useful features to the app such as the upcoming flash call feature, disappearing messages, a new archive mode, and so on. Sometimes, updates bring improvements to the interface, such as removing the recently added blue text that makes it difficult to read notifications. WhatsApp is now testing a new interface on WhatsApp for Android to make it easier to contact business accounts.

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WhatsApp business accounts are not the same as regular user accounts, and a report by a popular feature leaker has revealed that the Facebook-owned company is trying to make its business profile page on WhatsApp even more different on the platform, with the interface By redesigning it and adding some useful new features that should make it much easier to communicate with businesses on the platform.

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Here’s what WhatsApp is testing on Android devices in the latest beta version:

Redesigned WhatsApp Business Profile section

According to a report by renowned feature leaker WABetaInfo, the encrypted messenger service is testing a new interface that is visible on the latest beta version of WhatsApp for users. For starters, the profile picture on a business page is now circular, which immediately sets it apart from regular accounts that are still square. Under the new profile picture, the business name is centered, along with any information that has been set by the business.

New WhatsApp Business Profile Shortcut

Under the redesigned profile area, there are three large circular shortcuts, as can be seen in the screenshot shared by the leaker. These are Messages, Calls and Forward – while the first two are fairly self-explanatory and deal with direct interactions with the business account, the third feature could allow WhatsApp users to forward business details to another user.

Redesigned business profile area on WhatsApp for Android.
Redesigned business profile area on WhatsApp for Android. (wabtinfo)

However, as per the report, if the business account has set up a catalog shortcut, a catalog shortcut should also appear. Similarly, another shortcut should give WhatsApp users access to Facebook Shops, if the account supports this feature.

How to access the new Business Profile interface

According to WABetaInfo, this feature is currently being tested on the latest version of WhatsApp Beta Android. This means that as long as users have version of WhatsApp for Android, they should be able to see the new interface.

However, the report states that users of some older beta versions may also be able to use this feature. If you want to enroll your Google account to access the latest beta versions of WhatsApp for Android, you can follow our easy guide to sign up here, then go to Play Store to access the new feature. Update your app.

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