Three charts show economic challenges for Iran’s new president

President-elect Ebrahim Raisi — a fanaticsr Widely hostile to the West – has vowed to improve Iran’s economy and raise living standards for families by focusing on bolstering the country’s domestic resources, trade ties with regional allies and industrial production.

He has said he will uphold the nuclear deal that world powers are rushing to defend during the remaining weeks in office of moderate President Hassan Rouhani, but has also said he does not believe it will be of central concern to the country. Must be subject.

With or without improved ties with the world, Raisi faces major challenges as tough US sanctions remain in place and Iran’s banks isolated from the global economy.

Below are three charts that show the scale of Iran’s difficulties and the major economic problems Raisi is facing:

real crash

Iran’s currency has lost 80% of its value against the dollar since the US left the nuclear deal in 2018.

Source: Averages compiled from rates quoted by traders on the unregulated market in Iran and

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