This wireless gaming controller works with PC, Android, and Nintendo Switch, and it’s 20% off

Game controllers can be ridiculously expensive, especially for one that offers a lot of features. Luckily, some are on sale during Amazon Prime Day. For example, the GameSir G4 Pro Wireless Controller is a great choice for PC, Android, Nintendo Switch, or anyone who loves cloud gaming. You can also physically customize the button locations to match the device you’re playing on. What’s more, it’s currently 20% off. A great deal, indeed.

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Whether you’re playing your favorite games on PC, through a cloud service like Xbox Game Pass or Google Stadia, on the Nintendo Switch, or on your phone, this controller will come in handy. You just have to keep in mind that controller compatibility varies from game to game. Additionally, it supports Steam and Windows 7, 8, 10 and XP. Simply plug the included dongle into the device you want to use, and you’re ready to go.

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The GameSir G4 Pro has customizable A, B, X and Y buttons that attach via magnets. You can easily reposition them to make them easier to play on different devices. It also includes rumble and motion controls for more enjoyable gaming sessions. Also included is a Turbo button for more competitive players who want an edge during multiplayer games.

Considering all that this wireless controller can do, its base price is great, but adding the extra savings makes it a real bargain. It may just become the only controller you go for for all your gaming needs. We don’t know how long availability will last, so reserve yours while you can.

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