The full version of Runescape is available this week on Android and iOS

Runescape for mobile devices is finally here, as Jajax announced this morning that the release of the full version of Runescape is now out for Android and iOS devices. Runescape has been available on Android for some time, but the version players were able to download is the beta version.

The official release of Runescape for Android and iOS was yesterday, June 17th. Jagex also announced earlier this year that Runescape would leave beta on mobile and enter its full release period. So the arrival of the game was not at all a surprise to the fans. Having said that, Jagex never announced when the game was going to launch specifically.

Runescape’s release on Android comes with some sweet rewards

Whenever a game is released the prize is always a nice little bonus. And Jagex has created a really cute care package for players on mobile. Rewards are for those who have pre-registered however. So if you haven’t pre-registered before the game’s official release, chances are you won’t get the gifts.

For players who pre-register, gifts include many different things. Jagex points out that it met all of its pre-registration goals. Thereby unlocking every level reward for the players.

It includes five special cosmetics. There is a hairstyle for the players, as well as a sword, a pet, a teleport device, and a piece of armor called the crux ikle. That last reward will be the biggest benefit to new players. Because it gives you 50% XP boost for the whole week. And if you plan on playing the game often, it will help you level up your characters faster.

As a reminder, the game will support cross-play with the PC version of the game. So even if your friends play on PC, you can still play together. Cross-play also works with the iOS version.

Above all, the game supports cross-progression. Which means if you ever decide to switch you can start playing on one platform and transfer your progress to another. Start with mobile and decide to play on PC? not a problem. Transfer your progress and move on with all your belongings.

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