‘The Chi’ recap, season 4, episode 5: What looked like a dream was actually a prophecy

SPOILER ALERT: There are clear plot details in this recap from Season 4, Episode 5.

In the lucid dream sequence that begins “The Chi” season four, we saw some foreshadowing in relation to the main storylines we’ve seen so far this season.

  • Kevin (played by Alex Hibbert) looks at the writing on the wall as he watches Gemma (Jude Brown) and Jake (Michael Epps) disappear from his desk at an Olympic event. The episode is seen as a lucid dream sequence – he later finds them kissing, and desperately wants an exit from the building.
  • Shad (Jason Weaver) had a visceral reaction to Imani (Jasmine Davis) when Nook (Cortez Smith) told her about his transgender status. Later, Shad has a job interview where, in an interesting twist of fate, he was subjected to a similar backlash when he revealed his pre-election status. Also, Trigg (Luke James) tells Shad that he has to move out of his house because of his disrespect for Imani.
  • Jada (Yolanda Ross) has a will drawn up and she wants Dre (Miriam A. Hyman) to make sure her wishes are respected if she dies.
  • Douda is unaware that Nuke’s girl, Trinity, has been murdered.
  • Gemma is figuring out the nuances of being a revolutionary while figuring out her love life — and wearing some pretty nifty berets in the meantime.
  • Kisha (Birgundi Baker) has made a friend at work, and more importantly, her child is at home.
  • Emmett (Jacob Latimore) struggles to figure out what to make of his mother Jada’s cancer condition – and everything he does is adversely affected, as he breaks into Darnell’s arms.
  • Roslyn (Kandi Burruss) threatens divorce after Douda turns down her request for a defined role within his administration.

What’s next for Kisha (Birgundi Baker) after having a baby, and handing the baby over to Octavia (Tabitha Brown)?
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Stories to ponder:

  • Douda, who has had his share of enemies over the past two seasons, has been shot. Will he be healed of his wounds?
  • Now that Trig and Shad’s relationship is over, let’s see what this means for them, Nuke, Imani, and the 63rd Street Mob.
  • Tracy, despite all her best efforts, begins to realize that not everyone agrees with her strategy. Imani steps up to him about doing more about the abandoned women of Chicago. Imani seems to be unaware of Tracy’s activism from season three, where she rallied the community together to lead search teams on Keisha’s disappearance. Historically, when group and individual activists share similar supports, but differ in approach (eg Malcolm X-Jackie Robinson, Webb DuBois-Booker T. Washington, Jesse Jackson-Louis Farrakhan), friction is evident.

Episode five, titled “The Spook Who Sat by the Door”, possibly an ode to the 1969 book by Sam Greenlee and the 1973 film, details the trials and tribulations of a black former CIA agent who lives with his ex. The employer trains political groups in the war against.

Over the course of season four, we’ve seen members of the 63rd Street Mob involved in Douda’s plan to defame the police by sending members of the community with specific skills to respond to mental health emergency calls instead of the police, which Greenlee, who worked for United. The state information agency told The Crisis, the official publication of the NAACP: “One of the things I was saying with that book is that gangs can become community protectors rather than hunters. It’s a training for urban guerrilla warfare. booklet. That’s why it scared white people so much.”

The initial success of Douda’s plan and his shooting can be linked.

From what Greenlee says, people from marginalized communities are cooperating, which is a scary proposition for powers.

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