The CarPlay Feature That Gets Android Auto Users to Consider Getting an iPhone

While Android Auto is slowly but surely becoming more sophisticated and thus gaining new capabilities, there is one feature that is still missing and which some users are still missing considering the Apple ecosystem. Huh.

It has support for vertical screens, a feature that allows CarPlay to take full advantage of the screen estate available in cars like the latest generation Subaru Outback.

And while the number of cars coming with vertical screens continues to grow, Google still isn’t interested in developing such a feature, although, at some point, code hiding in previous Android Auto versions suggests the company is considering creating was doing everything.

But as far as the stable version of Android Auto is concerned, support for vertical screens is still nowhere to be seen, and this has led a lot of users to turn to Google’s forums and ask the company to release an update. The app will make the app run properly on their display.

I have this car too and am extremely disappointed with the current Android Auto implementation. It takes up a tiny bit of the screen and it’s hard to quickly see directions while driving. It needs to be updated to use full screen,“An Android Auto user explains.

Needless to say, some people are even considering switching to CarPlay, especially if their cars support Apple’s apps. But of course, it also comes down to migrating from Android to iPhone, a move that isn’t necessarily affordable, but could pay off in the long run if a reliable CarPlay experience is to be had.

At the time of writing, Google hasn’t confirmed yet whether it plans to introduce vertical screen support in Android Auto, but with the increasing number of cars coming with this type of display, the feature will eventually go live. It shouldn’t take long to happen.

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