Showtime’s Let the Right One in Casts Madison Taylor Baez in the Leading Role

The Right One In could be adapted for Showtime. A pilot is in the works and has cast Madison Taylor Baez and Damien Bichir as its leads.

show time let the Right One In is officially cast Selena The Series Star Madison Taylor Beige. The Possible Showtime series is an adaptation of the 2004 Swedish novel and the 2008 film of the same name. Both were written by John Ajvid Lindquist. The film was adapted in the US in 2010 with the title let me come inside.

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heart Confirms Badge will star in Showtime pilot let the Right One In. Baez plays Eleanor, a teenage girl whose life takes a turn when she turns into a vampire after being bitten by a mysterious creature. Her father, played by Damien Bichir, shelters and protects her by any means, sometimes forced into inhumane methods, until he feels she is ready to return to society. Baez and Bichir are joined by Kevin Carroll, Jacob Buster, Ian Foreman, Anika Noni Rose, and Grace Gummer.

Carol, one of Eleanor’s father’s old friends, is one of the few people aware of her condition. Buster and Foreman play two of Eleanor’s companions. Buster plays another child plagued by his condition, while Foreman becomes good friends with Eleanor, but is unaware of what is causing her trouble. Interestingly, Foreman appears to be playing the character in the novel and in the film. However, this pilot changes the focus from the naive boy to the girl suffering from the situation. Additionally, it appears to have more of an attitude of drama as opposed to horror.

let the Right One In Centers on a father and his 12-year-old daughter who are bitten by a vampire. After surviving for years in the wild, they return to New York City to attempt a normal life. However, whatever is threatened, her animalistic qualities come to the fore despite her and her friend’s efforts to bring back her sense of humanity.

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