Qingdao Conson hosted the Hai Tian Center launch ceremony for the high-quality development platform of the urban economy and accelerate the development of the city

With an elevation of 369 meters (1210.63 ft), Hai Tian Center is home to super-grade A offices, a five-star Haitian hotel, St. Regis Qingdao, Cloud Art Center, an observation deck, the Cloud Diamond Club. Haitian Mall and Haitian Mansion. As a new milestone, Hai Tian Center will serve as a state-of-the-art locale and venue of choice for meetings and conferences that enhance the city’s service capabilities and influence how the city develops.

“Conson Group will fully deploy the Hai Tian Center’s potential value in attracting investment, stimulating domestic demand, upgrading consumption, and developing the headquarters economy. The center will seek to provide high-quality living for the local population while being built. Provides access to the experience of place and lifestyle. A new force to further enhance vitality, lead the next phase of development and redefine the personality of the city qingdaoWang Jianhui, secretary of the party committee and president of the Qingdao Consensus Development (Group), said.

He sees the Hai Tian Center as the culmination of an entire city that aspires to be a meaningful addition to the city’s heritage and site. par excellence for important meetings and events, advancing the transformation of qingdao In an open, modern, dynamic and trendy international metropolis.

Government leaders and officials qingdao Event attendees commented that major projects such as the Hai Tian Center are breakthrough events that accelerate the transition from old to new economic engines. The hassle free construction and smooth operation of the center augurs well to serve as a facilitator of high quality economic and social development of the city while enhancing the overall competitiveness of the region.

Long Yongtu, former deputy minister of china The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and the Co-Chair of the China-International Entrepreneurs Association (SIEF) said: “China With the mutual promotion of dual circulation as well as domestic circulation is accelerating the formation of a new development pattern. Against this backdrop, quality and openness are key to urban economic development.” of qingdao Active role in promoting high-quality development of the city driven by super-high-rise urban complex such as Hai-Tian Center. “I hope Hai Tian Center can be developed into a center of talent, service economy and investment, which can help qingdao In its transformation into an open, modern and dynamic international metropolis

Looking ahead, Hai Tian Center plans to integrate its competitive resources to facilitate collaboration between businesses and organizations in and around qingdao With the goal of establishing a modern business ecosystem comprising information service providers, manufacturers, financial service providers, training and educational institutions and technology firms.

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