Part of Pitcairn Road, Stroshin Road film closes to Showtime series ‘American Rust’

Part of Pitcairn Road and Strochkin Road will be closed for filming the Showtime series “American Rust.”

Fidelis Productions, LLC was granted permission to film on June 18 from 7 p.m. to 4 a.m.

John Adkins, location manager for Fidelis Productions, said the show had been shot on the road three times before. The show has also filmed scenes in the North Hills and Don’s Diner.

Filming will take place on Pitcairn Road between the entrance to Sugar Camp Park in Pitcairn Borough and on Tilbrook Road and Stroshin Road between Pitcairn Road and Wingate Drive in Monroeville.

Residents living along those roads will be informed in advance about filming and will have access to their homes.

Police will be at the scene to navigate the traffic and allow residents to enter and leave the area.

Pitcairn Road traffic will be diverted along Wall Avenue, Broadway Boulevard (Route 130), Brinton Road, Rosso Drive and Tilbrook Road. Stroshin Road traffic will be diverted along Wyngate Drive and Monroeville Boulevard.

Adkins said the series will continue filming across the region in early August.

American Rust is based on Philip Meyer’s 2009 novel “American Rust”, set in the fictional town of Buell in Fayette County, Pa. The TV show will star Jeff Daniels.

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