OrderWise Launches Mobile WMS for Android

OrderWise Launches Mobile WMS for Android
22 June 2021

OrderWise has introduced a new mobile WMS for Android, which provides users with the functionality to automate warehouse picking using wireless handheld terminals that transfer data in ‘real time’.

The application, which includes hardware from Zebra Technologies Corporation, allows users to increase the speed and efficiency of picking, as well as assigning and consolidating other stock tasks, while prioritizing immediate orders and adhering to courier cut-off times. enables.

OrderWise combines its software technology with Zebra’s TC52 handheld terminals (HHT), which operate using Android 8 Oreo OS, and the TC21HHT, which benefits from Android 10 OS. Users can choose to power up to 14 hours for the equipment, which is suitable for operators working long or double shifts. The device’s fast charging capabilities allow operators to get an additional two hours of work from 15 minutes of charging.

“Our Mobile WMS for Android provides our customers with a unique opportunity to experience full warehouse automation as part of a fully integrated solution. This means that customers can integrate ERP, WMS and Mobile WMS for Android into one. Instead of having separate systems, commented John Roberts, head of sales at OrderWise, a glitch could be the back office and the constant reeking of data.

He concluded: “Following external impacts such as Covid-19, businesses are realizing the potential that automation can have on their operations. Mobile WMS for Android, for example, allows for easy implementation of social distancing measures using walkways, as well as less touch fulfillment of stock – making the warehouse a more secure environment. Automation has gone from ‘nice to be’ to ‘must have’ over the past year and it is becoming increasingly necessary to invest in such technology so as not to be left behind in an increasingly high-speed and online environment.

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