OnePlus Nord N200 will only get one major Android update

The OnePlus Nord N200 is in an awkward position right now, having been semi-announced by T-Mobile last week but not available on OnePlus’ own website. Regardless, the phone is headed to Magenta carriers, where it will be available for purchase from June 25. This is also the case while it looks like it may go up for pre-order at other US retailers, and we don’t yet know when or if the phone will be offered in other countries.

This is all kind of mess. However, if you were more concerned about OnePlus’ update policy for the new device, especially given the iffy history of the Nord line, we now have official confirmation from the company that the Nord N200 will only get a major Android update. . That’s all.

OnePlus Nord N200 will only get one major Android update

Since the handset launched with Android 11 on board, it means that it will receive the update to Android 12 at some point. This policy is similar to the one that OnePlus got some ups and downs last year when the Nord N10 and N100 made their debut with essentially the same update promise.

The N200, on the other hand, gets an additional one year of security patches compared to those phones. The company says the N200 will be received by them in three years, though there’s no word on it – we’re pretty sure the cadence won’t be monthly, so perhaps the most reasonable expectation would be to set once every two-three months.

Maybe the Nord N200’s $239 price tag will make it all easier to swallow if you’re interested in the device.


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