OneDrive is getting new photo editing capabilities on the web and Android

Microsoft today announced some significant updates to its OneDrive cloud storage service that will help improve the photo editing experience for both web and mobile users. These new photo editing capabilities are now available on the web and Android, though it seems these features are slowly rolling out.

The first new feature the company highlighted today is the ability to crop photos directly in OneDrive for sharing on the social media platform. “You can now easily crop to standard image sizes for your social media apps with our built-in presets, or you can go free-form and crop your image exactly as you would like want. These preset ratios are perfect when you want to share a picture in your social stories, create a new profile image or even a banner,” the Microsoft 365 team said today.

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Thanks to this update, OneDrive users can now take advantage of the incremental degree rotation feature to reposition their slightly tilted images. Also new is the ability to adjust lighting and color in photos on OneDrive. The app now supports various lighting and color adjustment options such as Contrast, Exposure, Highlights, Brightness, Color Saturation, and Shadows. Microsoft noted that iOS users will be able to crop, rotate and adjust the lighting and color in their photos later this year.

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In addition, the OneDrive Android app is getting a new setting that will let users easily organize their photos by date and source. Microsoft says that this update is expected to roll out within the next two months. OneDrive for Android has also got support for Google Cast, which we already covered last month.

Finally, the Redmond giant is launching the ability to quickly find photos from long ago within the app with a new filter option. Users will be able to see this option in the Photos area of ​​the web app, and it’s also available in the top right of the Photos tab on Android devices.

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Keep in mind that the above photo editing features are currently only available for OneDrive personal accounts. However, the company also plans to expand these capabilities to work and school accounts later this summer. As always, if you’re not already using OneDrive on Android, you can download it from the link below.

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