NY economy ranks #47 among nation in recovery from pandemic: Report

LONG ISLAND, NY – Despite the fact that New York’s coronavirus positivity rate has declined sharply and, after the state reached a 70 percent vaccination rate this week, nearly all pandemic restrictions were lifted – economy #46 in the country ranked th. As far as recovery is concerned, a new report suggests.

A new 2021 Pandemic Recovery Index compiled by Top Data suggests that New York’s economy “ranks second from the bottom in Covid recovery. Despite being one of the better states in terms of social distancing and the number of coronavirus cases, New York is leaping ahead.” Has failed in economic recovery so far.”

According to TOP Data, the results are based on analysis of “millions of data points across 23 key metrics arranged across three key indicators of economic recovery” including consumer confidence, job market strength and COVID-19 security.

New York ranks 47th overall, 47th in consumer confidence, 46th in job market strength and sixth in COVID-19 safety, the index said.

With an overall score of 65.94 across all categories, Vermont is ranked as the strongest nationwide recovery, the data indicates — while California is also struggling, coming in at 35th place.

Top data reports that only one New York business has emerged ahead in the recovery process, data indicates: New York’s auto industry has led the way in terms of recovery, with a 9.8 percent increase in car dealership visits.

However, the beauty industry, which has seen a 55 percent increase in visits across the country, is down 33 percent in New York, the report said.

“We have compared 48 states across 23 key indicators to determine the states that are leading in the recovery of COVID. The data set considers topics in depth, ranging all the way from the number of visits to the rate of social distancing. Number of businesses being created during the pandemic,” said Top Data.

To view the full report, click here.

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