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New Godzilla Games for Android

The terrifying giant monster known for rampaging cities was first introduced in 1954 in a Japanese film titled godzilla. The animal is said to have been awakened by the atomic bombs detonated in Japan during World War II.

Its name is derived from Japanese words meaning ‘gorilla’ and ‘whale’, which explains the form of the giant ape-sea-creature that takes on the character. godzilla was an instant hit, and has spawned hundreds of film, television, comic book, and computer game adaptations over the past 67 years.

Today, Godzilla is as recognizable as King Kong, Dracula, or Frankenstein’s monster and is embedded in global popular culture. New retellings or variations of the story are created each year and characters have been drawn into endless projects.

godzilla and gaming

The gaming industry has been particularly quick to take advantage of the popularity of Godzilla and incorporate the monster into all kinds of games. At least 19 official Godzilla games have been released for PC and consoles, and hundreds more in which the character is used.

The Code Works, released at the birth of home computer gaming godzilla For Commodore 64 in 1980. Toho Co was quick to release several variations of Godzilla games for the NES, SNES and Game Boy in the eighties and nineties.

Hollywood reignited the Godzilla franchise with its massive Matthew Broderick blockbuster film, godzilla, released in 1998. In the year that followed, new Godzilla games were released for Windows PC, Sega Dreamcast and Nintendo’s Game Boy Color.

Modern PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii consoles got into the Godzilla action when they came to dominance in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Each new version of Sony’s PlayStation has introduced a new Godzilla game, with releases in 2004, 2007, 2014 and 2015.

Online slots, also known as pokie in New Zealand and Australia, are no different and have adopted film characters and iconography with as much enthusiasm as the wider game industry. Godzilla is a character associated with the game Poké, but there are many others.

Superhero characters such as Batman or Superman are popular additions to some of the most popular Poké games, especially with their resurgent movie popularity. Pokies themed around Jurassic Park, Terminator, Alien and Rambo can also be easily found.

If it’s been a movie, it might be a pokey, and it usually happens as game providers try to capitalize on the fashion and popularity generated by Hollywood. Godzilla, having appeared in 34 film releases and counting, is a firm favorite of the pokies world.

development of mobile gaming

As mobile phones and devices have become ubiquitous, and their game playability has been steadily improved, the mobile gaming industry has exploded. In 2020, the mobile game industry generated over $77 billion in revenue.

This amount is only expected to increase in 2021 and beyond as mobile gaming’s “pick up and play” feature continues to attract consumers. Improvements in gameplay, technology and marketing will also increase activity.

Modern classic games like Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans and Pokemon Go still dominate the market. But new games are finding their place every day as designers continue to innovate to stay competitive.

Online pokies are similar in this respect, no matter how established popular games become, it is the new games that foster new engagement. It also means aligning with trends and characters people want to see, such as superheroes like Godzilla or classic monsters.

new mobile godzilla games

Two new Godzilla-based games are already set to be released by Toho for Android Gaming in 2021: godzilla run and godzilla battle lines.

The first, in which players have to engineer the right effects to develop their own Godzilla, is receiving a huge response. A highly interactive resource management game, it’s about building villages and feeding the villagers so that they worship and strengthen your animal.

Once sufficiently worshiped, evolved and strong enough, your Godzilla can enter a race against rival demons. The race generates wealth which can be channeled back into the maintenance and development of the villages.

godzilla battle lines Beast Fighting is a more straightforward city break. Players will collect monsters and weapons before entering into battle against other monsters.

So, why are the creators of mobile games and games, including Pokies, so eager to add to their software with established characters like Godzilla?

It comes in two forms, first, it’s an easily recognizable hook to catch people’s eyes as they scroll through the options. Seeing an established name like Godzilla is likely to impress anyone who is already a fan of the franchise, or even just aware.

Secondly, it simplifies marketing, creating opportunities to link new games to an established canon. It’s much easier to tie a game to an established brand than to try to develop a new one.

Familiarity and nostalgia are relaxing and engaging, especially when trying something new. No matter how new the technology, players always want what they know and remember fondly.

Using an established person like Godzilla creates great opportunities for cross-product marketing. Every time a new Godzilla movie, song, or book is released, the game that shares its name will receive a new boost.

There will always be new games, and there will always be established characters and franchises ready to join them. Be it PC, console, mobile gaming, or online slots, this branding of games is not set to take off anytime soon.

One thing is certain, after nearly 70 years of going strong, we are far from hearing Godzilla’s last roar.

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