Money Mist – Smallest 4G Smartphone Heads-On Review


In a world where smartphones get bigger and bigger, one company decided to go against the grain and claim to be the smallest 4G smartphone. Meet Moony Mint – Small in size, but promising to completely replace your phone, while also saving you a few bucks.

Money Mist - Smallest 4G Smartphone Heads-On Review

The phone will eventually launch with Android Pie, though our initial pre-release unit was running the much older Android Marshmallow 6.0. That won’t stop us from doing a quick review as this phone is more about size than it is about offering the latest and great Android features. And it’s not like Android 9.0 is up to date anyway.

Mooney Mist Specification:

  • Body: 89.5 x 45.5 x 11.5 mm, 75 g; color black.
  • Display: 3″ LCD, 480x854px resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio, 270ppi.
  • Chipset: Mediatek MT6735: Quad-core CPU (4×1.3 GHz Cortex-A53); Mali T720 GPU.
  • Memory: 32GB storage, 3GB RAM, no micro SD slot.
  • OS/Software: Android 9 (advertised).
  • Camera: Main: 13MP; Front: VGA.
  • Video Record: Rear Camera: 480p, EIS; Front Camera: 480p.
  • Battery: 1250 mAh.
  • Diverse: USB-C port, Dual Micro SIM slot.

Money Mist is currently available for $99 to various early backers regardless of the crowdfunding platform, but the official retail price will be $150.

It’s cheaper than Palm, a name that rings the bell and under which TCL brought its little phone two years ago.

There’s only one storage option here – 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, apparently without a microSD card slot. We couldn’t see anyone downloading huge 4K videos on this phone or using its camera excessively, so limited space shouldn’t be a big problem.

Interestingly, the card tray has room for two Micro-SIM cards (and not the Nano), which is an impressive feat in itself.

Money Mist - Smallest 4G Smartphone Heads-On Review

The display’s resolution may be just 480p, but the touch screen is decently responsive and even those with big fingers can type in decently if not quickly. Let us now delve deeper into the core experience of the smartphone.

design and size

The phone may be small in height and width but is nowhere near as slim as modern devices. It’s 11mm thick, with an extra half a millimeter for the camera bump. There’s a power button on the right and volume keys on the left, and a USB-C port in the middle of the two speaker grilles on the bottom.

Money Mist - Smallest 4G Smartphone Heads-On Review

However, they’re mainly there for aesthetics—the actual speaker is in the earpiece, and it’s quite loud for such a tight package. The overall design is reminiscent of an Apple device, especially with the shiny metallic-looking edge around the phone.

The phone’s renders may mislead anyone that it’s an iPhone 4, and Mooney isn’t shying away from the resemblance either, saying the Myst was inspired by Steve Jobs and is a tribute to the late Apple co-founder.


When people look at the phone, the first question is “why”. Why is it so small? Well, Mooney says it’s “the ultimate answer to any situation where it’s inconvenient to use a bulky, expensive primary phone”.

One of these scenarios, the Mint claims, is underway. We have an avid runner on our team who just came back from the Skyrunning World Series in the Italian Alps, so we naturally asked him to drop some expertise on the matter.

Money Mist - Smallest 4G Smartphone Heads-On Review

The mist is actually very handy for outdoor fitness activities. Its size and weight might make you forget you even have a smartphone. Our unit is still in development, but we are confident that once it starts shipping with the right OS, it will be able to track runs and bike rides just like any other smartphone with GPS Will happen.

The whole fitness activity situation has one drawback—if you want to change a track, text someone, or do something that requires the most attention, you’ll have to stop in the heat of the moment and take small steps. The focus has to be on the screen. This will ruin any personal records and disrupt the pace, killing the whole sporty vibe.

Money Mist - Smallest 4G Smartphone Heads-On Review

The size of the phone comes in handy during business trips. We all often carry large bags for laptops, chargers, cables, documents, the occasional hand sanitizer, glasses and many more. Having a big smartphone in this mess is an inconvenience, but with Money Mist, at least this one nuisance is avoided.

hardware and performance

The Mediatek MT6735 chipset is seven years old at this point, and as such from a powerhouse as one can get these days. It lets you check email or calendar apps, play videos in 1080p, and connect to Wi-Fi and 4G networks. Wi-Fi only works on the 802.11n standard, however, limited to Bluetooth 4.0.

There’s a reason the specs are such a fallback—more powerful hardware would require a bigger battery, and we can’t have that in this candy bar of phones. Despite what the rear design might suggest, there’s no room for four cameras. There is only one shooter with a 13MP sensor; The other circles are simply imitating the actual camera lens. The front-facing camera houses a modest VGA (0.3MP) sensor.

Money Mist - Smallest 4G Smartphone Heads-On Review

Since the unit comes without the Ultimate OS, we won’t be able to do our lab tests, including our bespoke Endurance rating of battery life. On paper, the power cell is 1,250 mAh, which promises a life of 72 hours on a single charge, which of course is only possible if the phone is on stand-by the entire time and the data connection is turned off. Then the phone is definitely not meant for games, heavy browsing or multimedia consumption, it can only last for a day of light use – a few calls, occasional texts and maybe an email or two.

In theory, heavy games like Asphalt 8 and Real Racing 3 can run, but the device heats up quickly enough to be uncomfortable to handle. Therefore, we suggest that you do not worry.

Money Mist’s biggest advantage may be its size, but it quickly becomes a disadvantage once you try to run actual apps on a smaller display. The small buttons on the screen are practically not clickable, and if there is a small ad on a normal display, it takes up half the screen, which makes it impossible to turn it off.

moony mist screenshot
moony mist screenshot
moony mist screenshot
moony mist screenshot

moony mist screenshot
moony mist screenshot

moony mist screenshot


The Moony Mist is a cool gadget that will be a great thing to have when you are tired of talking about the weather. However choosing one for actual use is a bit more complicated. Phones are getting bigger these days and there’s a good reason why the iPhone 12 mini has flopped – our modern digital lifestyle just needs a bigger screen, powerful chipset, and a bigger battery.

Money Mist - Smallest 4G Smartphone Heads-On Review

However, the small size makes it the ideal tool for certain use cases – mostly when you need to disconnect, but still want to be accessible in case of emergency.

It’s a great tool for the night when you really want to connect with your friends instead of spending half the time scrolling through social media feeds. Or to head out for a run, when you really have no intention of using the phone other than to accept any emergency calls.

It can also be great to take to the beach, where its very low price means it won’t hurt that much even if you do damage it.

It might be worth visiting the Moony Mist Kickstarter page if any of these sound like you.

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