Loki episode 3 recap: Marvel’s trickster will get in contact along with his female aspect

Loki with two drinks

The third episode of Loki’s solo journey is worthy of celebration.

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Episode 3 of Loki’s solo journey landed on Disney Plus Wednesday, revealing the place the God of Mischief ended up after ditching the Time Variance Authority and pursuing his feminine Variant by means of a time portal. The Marvel Cinematic Universe present happens after 2012 Loki fled captivity in Avengers: Endgame.

Girl Loki (British actor Sophia Di Martino) bombed the Sacred Timeline with stolen TVA reset expenses, seemingly creating numerous branches and undoing the timeline cops’ work. She advised her male counterpart (Tom Hiddleston) her plot wasn’t about him, which most likely intrigued him sufficient to desert his TVA pal Mobius (Owen Wilson) by following her.

Not that Mobius could have a lot time to get bored — the company went into excessive alert because of Girl Loki’s assault.

Let’s observe a brand new department right into a spoiler-filled timeline, for Lamentis.


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Do not name her Loki

The feminine Loki Variant snaps at her male counterpart for calling her Loki, having apparently left that identification behind. She prefers “Sylvie,” which actually makes it simpler to distinguish between them. It additionally looks as if a reference to comics character Sylvie Lushton, who grew to become the second model of Asgardian god Enchantress after Loki gave her powers.

Her years-in-the-making plan to succeed in the Time-Keepers is interrupted by Loki, and he teleports them to the moon Lamentis-1 in 2077 — one of many apocalypses Sylvie had preprogrammed into her time-hopping TemPad so she may evade the TVA.

We do not be taught a lot about Sylvie right here, however she apparently stepped off the Sacred Timeline fairly early in life and clearly had a special expertise to Loki. It looks as if she wasn’t adopted by Odin in any respect, so she did not have the identical bond with Loki’s adoptive mom Frigga. She additionally realized of her Frost Big heritage differently.

Loki and Sylvie with knife

Sylvie is not impressed by Loki’s love metaphor.

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They’re each bisexual, although, based mostly on her query about Loki’s romances: “Should’ve been some would-be princesses or maybe one other prince?” “A little bit of each. I think the identical as you.” 

Director Kate Herron revealed that highlighting the God of Mischief’s sexuality was one in every of her aims when she bought concerned with the present.

“From the second I joined @LokiOfficial it was essential to me, and my purpose, to acknowledge Loki was bisexual,” she wrote in a tweet. “It is part of who he’s and who I’m too. I do know this can be a small step however I am comfortable, and coronary heart is so full, to say that that is now Canon in #mcu.”

TVA truths

Sylvie reveals that the TVA staff are all Variants, however they do not know it. It is smart that the Time-Keepers would recruit individuals who’ve stepped off the Sacred Timeline, however they apparently wipe the Variants’ recollections to some extent.

Nevertheless, it looks as if fragments of their previous lives stay. When Sylvie enchanted Hunter C-20 (Sasha Lane), she used the TVA employee’s love of margaritas to govern her into giving up the Time-Keepers’ location. Mobius’ ardour for jet skis and reference to the early ’90s is probably going a remnant of his previous self too. Perhaps he jet skied off the Sacred Timeline and into the TVA’s clutches then.

How will the TVA individuals react to this? I think it’s going to fluctuate, however hopefully Mobius not less than will insurgent towards the Time-Keepers and assist finish their tyranny.

Hunter C-20 and Sylvie

We get a glimpse of Hunter C-20’s previous life as Sylvie toys together with her thoughts.

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Trapped in an apocalypse

The episode ends with Sylvie and Loki apparently caught. In 2077, the moon Lamentis-1 is about to be worn out by a falling planet and the ark they’d deliberate to hijack and escape on has been destroyed. In order that they’re doomed?

Their unique plan was to recharge the TemPad and soar to a special cut-off date, however the machine was damaged when Loki was thrown off the prepare. Or was it? Given his penchant for trickery, it is doable the TemPad continues to be functioning or not less than fixable. Mobius may additionally monitor them down, he looks as if a last-minute save kinda man.

Observations, WTF questions and Easter eggs

  • Yr visited: 2077 solely. That is the a centesimal anniversary of Star Wars — who is aware of how way more George Lucas could have tinkered with it by then?  
  • TVA Choose Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Uncooked) is not too bothered when Sylvie threatens Loki’s life, however that is smart since she was all about disintegrating him.
  • Within the comics, Lamentis is on the sting of Kree house. 
  • The guards are named Non-public Hudson (Ben VanderMey) and Corporal Hicks (Jon Collin Barclay) within the credit — an obvious reference to Invoice Paxton and Michael Biehn’s characters in 1986 sci-fi basic Aliens.
  • Loki preferring to not go backwards on a prepare is relatable, however I am glad he bought over it.
  • “All of it appeared inconceivable. However she advised me at some point I would have the ability to do this too, as a result of… as a result of I may do something.” Loki’s monologue about Frigga is kind of touching.
  • Loki smashes his glass on the ground when he calls for “one other” drink on the bar, very similar to Thor did in his 2011 film. 
  • You may bear in mind Loki controlling individuals like Hawkeye’s minds in earlier MCU films, very similar to Sylvie’s enchantment. He wanted his Thoughts Stone-powered scepter for this, so he is intrigued that she will do the trick with out it — we’ll probably see him strive her method in a coming episode.
  • The monitoring shot as Loki and Sylvie transfer by means of Shuroo is epic.

Be a part of us for extra Easter eggs and observations subsequent Wednesday, June 31, when episode 4 of Loki hits Disney Plus.

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