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About this Masterclass

Twitter is a household name today. With over 190M+ users globally, the microblogging social media site has taken the world by storm. Do you want to know what was behind the development of such a powerful app and built it from scratch? We bring you a masterclass where you can learn how to build your own social media app on Android.

Join Arnav Gupta, a programming contributor Android OS and earlier Zomato On Wednesday, July 7, 8 p.m.With his guidance, IST in a detailed and explanatory session where you will learn the fundamental concepts needed to build an Android app and build a Twitter app on Android. register now!

Know your Instructor (LinkedIn)
  • A top competitive programmer, Arnav has mastered Android development and 10+ years of Android experience
  • He is the co-founder of Coding Blocks
  • Programming Contributor for Android OS
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This Masterclass is for
SDE in search of upskill
SDE want to convert from service to product companies
Want to know more about SDE Android Development
SDE in search of upskill
SDE want to convert from service to product companies
Want to know more about SDE Android Development

pay attention: This masterclass is recommended for working professionals but is open to all

What Do You Stand To Gain From This Session
  • Build social media app on Android
  • Learn Kotlin with Coroutines
  • Understand MVVM Architecture
  • Access popular libraries like Retrofit, Moshi, Glide

certificate: All attendees receive certificates from Sklar Academy! Please be careful while entering your details while registering as they will go to your certificates

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