Jon Bernthal to star in ‘American Gigolo’ TV show for Showtime

Punisher and Walking Dead Star Jon Bernthal has landed a new role, playing a new american gigolo TV Shows for Showtime. According to time limit, the new show will be a re-imagining of the classic ’80s film, which starred Richard Gere and Lauren Houghton. In the Showtime series, Bernthal will play Julian Kaye—a role originated by Gere—as he tries to rebuild his life after being released from prison 15 years after being sentenced for a crime.

The story will follow Julian as he becomes acquainted with the current sex industry in modern LA, while he seeks to learn more about the setup that landed him behind bars for a decade and a half. Julian hopes to be reunited with his lost love Michelle, played by actress Gretchen Moll (Boardwalk Empire) The show will also feature Rosie O’Donnell (smile) as a murder detective named Sunday, and Lizzie Brochere (American Horror Story: Asylum) as Isabel, the heiress to a sex work ring. Ray donovan Actor Leland Orser will also star, playing the role of self-made tech billionaire, Richard Stratton.

Wayne Brady – Dear improv comedian (Whose Line Is It Anyway?), game show host (let’s Make a Deal), and TV actors (how i met your mom) – will appear in american gigolo series too. Brady is set to guest star as Julian’s best friend and mentor, Lorenzo. Finally, Gabriel LaBelle (Cruel) plays a younger version of Julian, who goes by Johnny.

In a statement on Bernthal’s casting, Showtime Networks’ President of Entertainment Gary Levine said, “If you haven’t already fallen for Jon Bernthal’s magic, get ready. John plays his searing, brooding, and vulnerable performance in this contemporary With the owner of the screen. american gigolo. Writer/director David Hollander has brilliantly reimagined the captivating original film while confronting the suspense, excitement, and danger of our deepest desires.”

Real American gigolo was written and directed by Paul Schrader (Taxi driverhandjob first correction), and is widely considered to be the film that cemented Gere’s position as Hollywood’s leading man. The film’s score, which was composed by Giorgio Moroder, was nominated for a Golden Globe. american gigolo He is also credited with introducing the world to Blondie’s hit tune “Call Me”.

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