How to Sync Clipboard on Android and PC

Easily copy content from your PC, Mac, or other computer and paste it into the app on your Android phone, or vice versa.

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Android doesn’t integrate as neatly with Windows or Mac as iPhones do with Macs. This means you may have missed out on some useful features, such as a universal clipboard that can automatically sync your Android phone’s clipboard with your PC and vice versa. However, the beauty of Android is that there is always a way to replicate any feature you want.

A universal clipboard can come in handy if your workflow requires you to copy a lot of text or files between devices. This will remove friction from the entire process and automatically sync the material across devices.

So let’s see how to sync your clipboard between Android and desktop computer.

Setting up Universal Sync Clipboard on Android

To be able to sync your clipboard across devices, you’ll need an app. We will be using Clipt, which is free from the Play Store.

While it works on devices from various platforms including Linux, Windows, and Mac, it relies on browser extensions to work. This means you must have a browser open for the clipboard content from your Android phone to sync with your PC.

As long as you use the relatively popular Chromium-based browser and don’t mind running it in the background on your PC, you should be fine. The clipboard syncing process from PC to Android is relatively simple and seamless, but the Android-to-PC process requires an extra tap every time it works.

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You can also sync images, files, and videos to your clipboard across devices. This feature will work by uploading the file to your Google Drive account, so make sure you have enough free space in your Google account and access to a fast Internet connection.

Clipart does not store any data that you sync between your PC and Android. The entire transfer process happens through your Google Drive account, so you don’t have to worry about the safety and security of your data.

Many PCs also have a way to sync your clipboard between Mac and Windows.

How to Set Up Universal Clipboard Sync on Your PC and Android

  1. Download the Clipt Android app from the Play Store, and grant it access to your Google Account. The app uses your Google Account to sync content across devices.

  2. On your PC, install the Clipart browser extension for Chrome, Opera, or Microsoft Edge. Proceed to log in to the same Google Account that you use on your phone.

that’s about it! You have set up Universal Clipboard Sync on your PC and Android. If you have multiple devices or PCs, you can sync content simply by installing the Clipart app or browser extension and setting it up.

If you use an iPhone, you can take advantage of the Universal Clipboard feature to copy and paste content between your iPhone and Mac.

How to Sync Copied Text from Android to PC’s Clipboard

  1. On your Android device, select and copy the text you want to paste on your PC.

  2. Apps can’t read clipboard data in background on Android 11. Therefore, you have to press message Button in your Android device’s notification shade to sync text to your PC’s clipboard. Alternatively, open the Clipart app and then tap message.

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If Chrome or any other browser on which you have the Clipart extension installed is open, you should get a notification saying that the clipboard is automatically updated. You can then paste the text or file anywhere you want.

How to Sync Images and Files from Android to Your PC’s Clipboard

For clipboard syncing to work properly remember the browser where you had the clipboard extension open and running in the background.

  1. Open the Clipart app on your Android device. Select the image or file you want to sync to your PC.

  2. On your PC, click on Clipart extension in your browser. You should see the image or file that you sent from your Android device here. The file or image will also be automatically copied to your PC’s clipboard.

  3. You can download the image or file or delete it if you no longer need it.

Sadly, it is not possible to auto-sync files and images from your Android device to your PC’s clipboard or vice versa.

How to Sync Copied Text from PC to Your Android’s Clipboard

The process of syncing text from PC to your Android phone’s clipboard is more straightforward and doesn’t require any extra steps.

As long as you have Chrome or your compatible browser of choice open in the background with the Clipart extension installed, any text you copy will sync to your Android device’s clipboard. Then you can easily paste the text wherever you want.

However, every time Clip syncs new content to your Android’s clipboard, it will notify you about the same. This constant notification sound can be annoying, so be sure to disable sound alerts for clipped notifications.

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How to Sync Images and Files from PC to Your Android’s Clipboard

To sync images and files from PC to your Android phone’s clipboard, you need to use the Clipart extension in Chrome, Edge, or Firefox, or any other supported browser.

  1. Click and select Clipart Extension pour. A new tab will open. Proceed to drag and drop the image or file you want to sync to your Android phone’s clipboard.

  2. Depending on the file or image size and your Internet speed, the sync process can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.

  3. You should receive a notification from Clipart on your Android device that the file or image is ready to be pasted into any app you want.

Again, depending on the mobile data speed or the Wi-Fi network your phone is connected to, the process of pasting the image or file may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.

You cannot directly paste files in all Android applications. You must first save the file to your phone’s internal storage before you can share it.

Clipboard syncing will make your life easier

If you send a lot of files, pictures, and text between your PC and Android device, clipboard syncing will make your life a lot easier. It will also be a life saver if you work on multiple devices and need to send files and pictures to them frequently.

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