How to send group texts on Android

Want to send an SMS message to multiple people quickly? Here’s how to do it on your Android phone.

send group texts on android

Group texting is a fast, cheap and reliable way to send the same message to multiple people at once. For example, if you host parties and want to notify all invitees, sending them a group text can save time and even phone bills.

Here’s how to send a group text in the Google Messages app, and on Samsung phones too.

How to Group Messages on Android Using Google’s Messages App

Android Messages is a super fast and highly customizable text messaging app, and is the default on many phones. Here’s how to send group SMS using the app.

  1. Download Messages if you haven’t already installed it. It’s free.

  2. Open the app and tap start chat To open the new conversation screen.

  3. Tap create group To open the New Group Conversation screen.

  4. Tap the first few letters of each person you want to add to your group, then select their name when it pops up.

  5. When you’re done, tap next and enter a group name in add group name.

  6. Then, tap next And type your message in the text box. If you are prompted to confirm your phone number, tap Add and hit Okay. Your message will be sent to the group.

Sometimes, sending group texts won’t work unless you enable the group MMS option in the Messages app. To do so, open the Messages app and tap on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner, and select Adjustment. then go to advanced and enable under mms group messaging.

you may need to turn on auto realization (or MMS auto-download On some devices) an option to eliminate that annoying notification every time a group member replies.

Or, for a more feature-rich messaging experience, check out The Best Free Messaging Apps for Android instead.

Create groups and send group messages on Samsung phones

On Samsung phones, you can create groups separately from within the Contacts app.

how to create group in contacts

To send a text to a group, we’ll first create a group to contact. Here’s how to create a contact list:

  1. open to Contact app.

  2. tap on Group > Create.

  3. under which group name, type a name for the group.

  4. Tap + Add Member To open your list of contacts. Next to the contact you want to add to the group, touch the empty check box. If you accidentally added the wrong contact, tap red minus sign Next to the name to remove the contact from the group.

  5. Tap done and hit save To save the name of your group and members in it.

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How to send a text to a group on a Samsung phone

Now that you’ve set up your group, here’s how to send a group message on a Samsung phone.

  1. launch messages app.

  2. Then, tap on write icon down-right.

  3. In the Enter recipient box, touch contact icon, then select the group you just created.

  4. Tap All, next to the group name, to include all the contacts in the group. Then, tap done so that you can start writing your message.

  5. Type your text message in the Enter Message field, then tap message.

Note that group texting uses the SMS protocol, so group creators can only receive replies from recipients. If you want group conversations to be answered to all recipients, you should consider enabling MMS.

Plus, the standard messaging app sets a limit (for this device, it’s just 20) to how many recipients you can add to a message. If you’re planning on sending messages to hundreds of recipients, check out our list of the best Android apps for bulk SMS messaging.

Is group texting still relevant today?

Absolutely! When it comes to group texting, several apps can work, but they may require an internet connection to work. This is in contrast to Google’s Messages and other SMS apps, which do not require a data connection to send group texts.

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