How to Play Stadia Games Quickly on Android TV or Google TV

Google is set to officially launch Stadia for the Android TV/Google TV experience on Wednesday, but a trick has been discovered to be at play today.

Earlier today, days ahead of the scheduled launch, Google launched a new “Stadia for Android TV” app in the Play Store. When loading into the app, you are allowed to log in, at which point you are notified that Stadia is not yet available, effectively asking you to come back on Wednesday.

However, it was quickly discovered – by Chris On Twitter – that this message can be completely bypassed, allowing you to play games on Android TV and Google TV devices. With a little experimentation and research, we’ve been able to refine the process and find out why it works.

So far, we’ve only managed to reproduce these steps on Chromecast with Google TV, but early reports from the community suggest that it should work Same for Nvidia Shield TV. Importantly, both of these are considered “supported devices,” so it can’t be said whether these instructions will work on any other Android TV box. Tell us in the comments whether or not that works for you and your device.

How to Play Stadia on Android TV

  1. Check for Updates (Optional)

    A good first place to start is to check for updates for your Android TV or Google TV device. This is especially true in the case of Chromecast with Google TV which recently had an update that included “Stadia support”.

    On Chromecast, scroll down and click on your Google profile picture, and select “Adjustment. ” On this page, select “system,” Then “About,” and finally select “System Update.” If an update is available, it will be installed now.

  2. Install Android TV App

    First, you’ll want to open the Play Store on your Android TV and search for “Stadia.” On most newer devices, you should be given the option to install “Stadia for Android TV”.

    Alternatively, you can view the app’s Play Store listing from your web browser, and install it on your Android TV device from there.

  3. Reboot your Android TV

    After installing Stadia app for Android TV, you need to restart your Android TV device. The Stadia app listens when your device is restarted to reactivate the ability to receive Cast commands from the mobile app. This on-reboot code works today, despite the app telling it it won’t work until June 23rd.

  4. Cast from mobile app

    Now that you’ve rebooted, open the Stadia app on your Android or iOS device. In the “Choose where to play” menu, which usually only lists “This screen” and any Chromecast Ultra in your home, you should now see your preferred Android TV device. Now you can cast any game on your TV with the mobile app.

  5. exit the game

    Better yet, after casting a game to your TV, use your controller or remote to exit the game. By doing so, you will be given access to full The Stadia for Android TV experience, allowing you to browse games with nothing more than your TV remote or controller.

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