Here’s what you need to watch TV’s surreal crime thriller before leaving Netflix next week

before this wandavision, before this riverdale, before this strange things, before this Mr Robot, before this true Detective, before this lost, and before The X Files, was David Lynch.

An avid director in the ’80s who emerged with real films: elephant man (1980) and blue Velvet (1986), Lynch rose to prominence when TV was seen as inferior to film. Eventually, unlike films, ad breaks had to be incorporated into the storytelling. And in the 1990s, TV production often meant working with substandard equipment, which didn’t work in the industry for an artist like Lynch.

In fact, he once said Rolling stone: “How absurd it would be for a big symphony to go, and after every little movement, four different people come and play their jingles and sell something.” Lynch also told his agent, Tony Krantz, directly: “Tony, I don’t want to do a TV show.”

Little did Lynch know that, when he finally made a TV show, it would transform his career and revolutionize the small screen. With writer Mark Frost, who had three years of police drama hill street blues Under his belt, Lynch produced arguably the most influential show in the history of the medium: Twin Peaks.

Although it ran for just two seasons in its initial run (the third season aired on Showtime 17 years later), twin peaks is without question responsible for transforming TV into the iconic, phenomenal medium we know it as today. This isn’t because of its boundary-pushing content (though it was introduced in Spades), simple filmmaking (that was too), or even because it made news by running behind any packed television censors. . Surprisingly, the show never created any frenzy or controversy.

But how can this be? By the time the last episode of the show started, hardly anyone was watching.

twin peaks alive today precisely because of a term that, although heavily used in some circles online, accurately describes that unforgivable quality of art as transmitting a distinctive “vibe”. twin peaks, not to talk too finely on it, is in possession of a really excellent vibe. While this doesn’t excuse any of its technical or artistic shortcomings, not to mention the off-putting tonal whiplash that swings from overly cheesy soap opera one minute to a dark surreal psychological thriller the next, all those quirks Can be read as features, no bugs, considering the unmatched quality of twin peaks‘ Clear aura.

Simply put, twin peaks is What You Need to Stream on Netflix Before a Cult Show Is Gone on 30 June. (Note: Only the original two seasons are streaming, and these will be leaving Netflix soon. The third season, released in 2017, is exclusive to Showtime, while the 1992 prequel/sequel film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is on HBO Max.)

although twin peaks The ensemble cast stars Kyle MacLachlan as FBI agent Dale Cooper who investigates the murder of teenager Laura Palmer.Lynch/Frost/Spell/Cobble/Shutterstock

Although it has a large group of artists, twin peaks Headed primarily by Kyle MacLachlan, known to fans of the genre in the younger generation for his run on Marvel’s Marvel agents of SHIELD In twin peaksIn this, MacLachlan plays FBI agent Dale Cooper, who is sent to investigate the murder of popular high school student Laura Palmer (played by Sheryl Lee, Laura’s identical cousin Maddie).

As Del searches for Laura’s killer in and around Twin Peaks – amid haunted dreams where Laura leaves clues as to the identity of her assailant – news of Laura’s death shakes the city, lighting up mysteries and tensions. brings to the fore what had once been reduced to the surface.

In keeping with Lynch’s fetish for the supernatural, the director staged Examples of black humor, non-sequitur, and filmmaking techniques twin peaks To create tension and suspense. The spirit that Lynch evokes in his series has created twin peaks A cult favorite, but that also means it would be a mistake to watch the show with a modern eye trained by countless less ambitious series to expect immediate answers and eventual closure. This isn’t a show where the central mystery (“Who killed Laura Palmer?”) really matters.

Actually, the reveal of Laura’s killer in Season 2 is the least satisfying thing about it. Lynch himself says it pulled the rug out from under the show during its original run. “‘Who killed Laura Palmer?’ That was a question we never really wanted to answer,” Lynch explained. TV Guide (Via luggage new zealand) in 2017. “At a certain point we were told we needed to get it done and after that it never really happened again.”

Lara Flynn Boyle, James Marshall, and Sherlyn Fenn all co-star twin peaks Various residents of the small town were horrified by the death of a young woman.Lynch/Frost/Spell/Cobble/Shutterstock

you shouldn’t go in twin peaks To expect satisfaction in any conventional sense. Go twin peaks Expect to be happily disturbed and in the dark about how long you’ve been there. This, of course, will elude some people; I have friends ask about twin peaks Only to backtrack when I describe the whole deal of the show. Maybe I’m not selling it properly. But can there be a “correct” way to describe twin peaks?

Despite the show’s prominence with TV obsessives 30 years later, the show has drawbacks and even limits on access. Again: this is not a show built into the infrastructure of modern TV. The streaming age’s belief in serialized fiction and its rejection of commercial breaks may be better-suited twin peaks In its earlier seasons, where the enticing atmosphere was cut short to make room for bounty paper towel commercials.

1992 prequel/sequel film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Streaming separately on HBO Max.lynch-frost/cobble/shutterstock

While different directors directed different episodes, twin peaks Autism was one of the first real examples of television. And Lynch’s polarizing, mysterious artistry permeates the entire series. where that artistry allows twin peaks It’s hard to determine where it swims and where it sinks (unless you’re watching Katherine Martel in Yellowface, that is).

In 2017, TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz also stated twin peaks’ dips into Season 2 as a “serious case of writer’s block” when it came to its larger central murder mystery. In the same article, for Vulture, Seitz briefly described Lynch’s style as being hostile to the TV viewer:

“[T]The most important relationship in a film by a true artist is not between any two characters, but between the film and its audience. With Lynch, the relationship is complicated, to put it mildly, and there are times when his work is too frustrating to feel for no apparent reason. In his Expressionist or Surrealist works… you never know why he’s doing things, where it will lead, exactly where it will lead, and if he’s just messing around. He’s so opaque when he wants to be that you can’t be sure if he’s driving aimlessly or if he knows his destination and exactly how he’ll get there.

But there’s a reason why I’m here, telling you you should still watch Twin Peaks. If nothing else, its impact has spread far and wide that chances are, your favorite show owes it. Whether it’s the genre-bending of the show or an idyllic city setting with a rotten core (wandavision), the fact that Twin Peaks is populated by hotties (riverdale), the oddball way its foggy headspace comes on (Mr Robot), its central mystery remains how (lost), or even just the fact that it successfully fuses terror with police procedures (true Detective, the killing), the broad impact of twin peaks Such that it really is television’s go-to for anyone who wants to be informed about the creative history of the medium.

But at the same time, don’t ask twin peaks to be educational Just go inside and see what you find.

twin peaks Now streaming on Netflix till June 30.

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