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madrid, 21 June 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Valid, one of the leading players in the embedded software security and telecommunications industry, has joined Google’s new Android Ready SE Alliance – a collaboration between Google and Secure Elementor (SE) vendors that supports tamper-resistant hardware expands its usefulness. Security in the Android ecosystem.

Legitimate is a qualified and globally recognized vendor in the identity, telecommunications and payments industries. This partnership reflects Valid’s strategy as a multi-segment player in bringing our in-depth experience and know-how to provide the secure environment needed for secure use cases and applications targeted by Google.

Google Android Ready SE Alliance Digital Keys is offering a growing list of tested open-source implementations of hardware-backed security applets for new and emerging use cases such as Mobile ID, payment solutions and its most recent applet, Strongbox – Secure Provision of Android Keys responsible for.

As a trusted security technology provider, Valid’s new secure operating system digital identity solutions and management for the eSIM, iSIM, and iSE ecosystems, such as mobile driver’s licenses, digital currency, and multiple use cases related to growing user needs Will integrate capabilities for Strongbox. Privacy protection.

“We are delighted to partner with Valid to further strengthen the security of Android through Secure Elements (SE) with Strongbox. We look forward to widespread adoption by our OEM partners and developers and the entire Android ecosystem.” ” said Sudhi HurleyDirector of Android Platform Security

“We are honored to join the Android Ready SE program. Our next generation secure operating system takes into account the integration of already strongbox specifications to ensure a high level of security for Android devices. Our top secure Together with the Hardware Silicon partners, Valid will be able to provide the right asset for the embedded systems security world in the near future,” said Mikel Dubreucque, Director of Global Strategic Marketing and Partnerships at Valid.

Valid. about

Valid (B³: VLID3 – ON) provides tailored solutions that integrate emerging technologies to enable secure, reliable experiences. From data, payments, identity, mobile and IoT, Valid provides a wide portfolio of solutions that accelerate the digital transformation of our customers’ businesses. With over 60 years of experience, Valid is the largest issuer of identity documents in Brazil, one of the top 5 producers of SIM cards and the world’s largest manufacturers of banking cards. To learn more, visit

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