Google working on ‘Find My Device’ network for Android users: Report

According to reports, Google is working on a ‘Find My Device’ network for Android.

The latest beta version of Google Play Services includes a feature called ‘Spot’ which enables the “Find my device network” capability, which uses the user’s Android phone to locate other devices, as described by 9to5Google seen by.

According to an official support page, Google’s current Find My Device system requires Android phones and tablets as well as a WearOS watch to connect the phone to mobile data or Wi-Fi.

With the Spot feature as seen in the beta version, Google is looking to improve on its current network, leverage its network of 3 billion Android devices and create a network similar to Apple’s Find My.

Apple’s Find My Network uses the Bluetooth signal to locate the device, even when it is offline.

According to 9to5Google, users can toggle this feature on/off and lock themselves out of the network. As per the description, this feature helps users find “other people’s devices”. However, it does not specify which devices extend the feature i.e. only phones or tablets and other devices including a WearOS watch.

The feature is currently spotted in beta. Google has not yet officially given any comment or details on this.

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