Google may develop locators for Android devices

Google may develop locators for Android devices

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With Apple locator devices like AirTag and Find My iPhone, Google now wants to follow in Apple’s footsteps with its new accessibility measure using the Find My Device feature commonly used to locate Android devices. . However, Find My Device only works if the user has an Internet connection and access to their Google account.

Recently, the mobile software development community XDA Developers caught word of Find My Device Network in code for beta testing on Google Play Services. This new version of Google’s device locator service aims to use crowdsourcing to locate one’s device. Furthermore, the code shows that this new feature allows a user to use Android to locate not only their own device but also the devices of other Google users.

For now, it looks like this new tool will run over Bluetooth, working primarily for locating and getting closer to a lost device. From what XDA Developers can gather so far, users will have to opt for this service, which is a useful feature for security and privacy purposes. In addition, the device will likely be able to work with Apple AirTag, meaning a wider range of easily traceable devices for users who have been around their lost items.

Given that more people use Android than iPhone, Google could stand to develop the most impressive device locator yet — if such a device is ever released, that is. XDA Developers suspects that Google may reveal more news about the service in its upcoming Android 12 release in September of 2021.

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