Google Discover’s new design is rolling out to Android 12

Starting with Android 12, Google is rolling out the next big redesign of Discover. This visual improvement to the feed was first introduced on iOS and is now coming to Android.

Update 6/22: After disappearing last month, the Discover redesign on Android 12 is back with the Google app 12.24 beta yesterday. This includes the left aligned Google logo and the lack of cards/details for the stories.

The feed on the left side of the Pixel Launcher is mostly unchanged, though there’s no longer a bright dot behind the helpful snapshot shortcut in the upper right corner.

Meanwhile, the Google Search app has an outline search bar, in which this specific tweak is visible on Android 11 as well.

Update 5/11: If the Discover redesign has disappeared for you with the latest Google app beta (10.18), force-pause the app from the app info screen. This should eventually restore the homescreen and the left side of the Google app.

original 4/29: Stories in the Discover feed are no longer placed in separate cards. Instead, they are placed directly on a flat gray or white background in a view that removes the padding but is fairly generic. Additionally, Google isn’t really taking advantage of that gained space, because articles no longer have the first sentence.

Without the description, you now only get the cover image, title and publication name/logo. This article provides very little context before opening.

Elsewhere, there’s a new icon in the overflow menu in the lower right corner, alongside a share and “heart” button. These changes apply to both the Google app and Feed on the left side of most Android homescreens. When you’re at the top of Discover on Pixel Launcher, you’ll see even less of your wallpaper. This detail and card-less design have been available on the iOS Google app for some time now.

Other changes better differentiate YouTube video creators, while displaying content from the same site as a list below the main entry.

This new Discover look debuted earlier this month, when Google aligned its logo to the left instead of centered. Meanwhile, the Snapshot shortcut is placed in a bright circle next to your profile avatar. Taken together, this is quite a jarring early look.

As of today, only Google app beta users on Android 12 are facing this Discover redesign. Be sure to refresh the feed for the changes to take effect. It doesn’t appear on phones running earlier versions of Android and could be tied to a rumored visual overhaul of the upcoming operating system.

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