GCG Asia Medical Society launches new GCG Asia Withdrawal Application for Android users to combat addiction

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / Accesswire / July 2, 2021 / GCG Asia today announced that it will launch its brand new application GCG Asia Withdrawal on Android to help users with addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

Dr. Ismail Hajim, President, GCG Asia Medical Society explains, ‘GCG Asia is taking the necessary measures to combat addiction and withdrawal symptoms that are important for your body’s overall physical and mental health.’ “In addition to other acute withdrawal symptoms, people may experience tremors or convulsions, hallucinations, anxiety, disorientation, palpitations, sweating, or even hyperthermia. These symptoms can be a warning sign, hence why it is important to keep an eye out for such symptoms,” he added.

GCG Asia’s Withdrawal App was developed primarily to help users ease their withdrawal symptoms and to keep track of any signs that may merit a warning. GCG Asia’s clearance will also allow users to input the symptoms they experience and monitor its risk factor. “GCG Asia Withdrawal allows users in Malaysia and around the world to keep track of their health scores. The GCG Asia Withdrawal App provides a numerical score that you and your primary care physician can use to better understand and manage your overall health. This approach allows you to measure your mental and physical health in the same way that you check your BMI score,” Hajim said.

Doctors and physicians will be able to use the GCG Asia Clearance App to focus on a correct therapy and track the progress of known individuals using the GCG Asia Clearance App. “With GCG Asia Withdrawal, we encourage doctors to use the app to track the progress of their patients, rather than having to set up multiple appointments. GCG Asia Withdrawal will help doctors to identify any major risks that patients may face very soon. Hajim said.

The application created by GCG Asia Medical Society was created by a group of highly renowned mental health experts and doctors who are known for their successful work in mood disorders and academic medicine.

Several withdrawal applications were developed in the past, many of which “cure” symptoms. Dr. Ismail Hajim says: “GCG Asia Withdrawal does not claim to cure the withdrawal symptoms that addicts may experience. Instead, GCG Asia Withdrawal will simply help patients and health practitioners monitor symptoms during the treatment process. GCG Asia Withdrawal does not provide medical advice of any kind to its users. Any application that claims to cure symptoms is not a legitimate application and could potentially be a scam alert, especially if they ask for payment. & rdquo;

Dr. Ismail Hajim also warned against the use of GCG Asia Withdrawal without treatment. He said, “Without medical help, going through the withdrawal process can be harmful. Due to the severity of some initial withdrawal symptoms, quitting after drug addiction can be fatal in some circumstances. For example, rapid alcohol detox Seizures, delirium tremens, heart attack, and stroke can occur as a result, all of which are dangerous and potentially fatal. Because alcohol is a depressant, the body adapts over time to the effects of the relaxant, and abrupt withdrawal can lead to The body can go into overdrive.

GCG Asia Withdrawal is free and available for all Android users. Plans to include the application in other operating systems are currently being discussed. “For now our priority is to release GCG Asia Withdrawal on Android. Once it has a successful release, we will move on to our plans to release GCG Asia Withdrawal on other platforms such as Apple’s iOS,” he said.

The GCG Asia Withdrawal Application was funded by the GCG-AMS Group. GCG Asia Medical Society is a private organization headed by Dr. Ismail Hajim which acts as the representative of private doctors in Malaysia and provides all necessary medical services.

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GCG Asia Medical Society is dedicated to building a compassionate, efficient and effective healthcare solution in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

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