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Loki episode 2 is peppered with references from the comics, just like the God of Mischief’s gender-fluidity in Agent of Asgard to Lamentis-1 that featured in Annihilation: Conquest Prologue.

Explained: Five Easter eggs in Loki episode 3, from Sylvie's one-horned headgear to a nod to 2011's Thor

A nonetheless from Loki Episode 3. Marvel Studios

*This text incorporates spoilers for the third episode of Loki*

The third episode of Tom Hiddleston-led Loki has premiered on Disney+Hotstar Premium, giving us one other likelihood to uncover extra Marvel Easter eggs. The second episode noticed Loki come head to head with a mysterious determine that the Time Variance Authority (TVA) had been trying to find.

Within the third episode, their assembly lastly noticed Loki escape with Time Variance Authority (TVA) together with his variant Girl Loki (Sophia Di Martinos), although she prefers to be referred to as Sylvie. Following the Class 10 Apocalypse on the Roxxcart, they collectively soar by means of a time-travelling portal and arrive in 2077, at a moon, Lamentis-1, that is additionally on the point of an apocalypse. The time-travelling trope has been likened to the favored present Physician Who.

Not solely have they got to save lots of themselves, but in addition the residents of the moon. However as they journey alongside the panorama of the doomed moon, they slowly begin to study extra about one another.

Listed below are some Easter eggs that you will have missed or need to know extra about.


Explained Five Easter eggs in Loki episode 3 from Sylvies onehorned headgear to a nod to 2011s Thor

Sylvie and Loki on Lamentis-1. Marvel Studios.

Many of the third episode takes place on Lamentis-1, a liveable moon of the planet Lamentis that was first launched in Annihilation: Conquest Prologue #1 (2007). Within the comedian that impressed the Guardians of the Galaxy, the planet exists on the outer world of Kree empire, populated by insect-like warriors. The purple hues of the planet are according to how its portrayed within the comedian and holds a resemblance to the distant planet Vormir (featured within the Avengers sequence).

Sylvie’s horns

Explained Five Easter eggs in Loki episode 3 from Sylvies onehorned headgear to a nod to 2011s Thor

Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie. Marvel Studios

Sylvie’s horned headgear, which she wears regardless of disliking being recognized as Loki, is of focus on this episode. The story provides no rationalization as to how one horn broke off, nevertheless it’s a element that references the Loki: Agent of Asgard comedian.

Asgardian ingesting customs

Whereas the 2 are on the Ark, escaping the crumbling Lamentis-1, Loki decides to get drunk and sings a tune totally in Asgardian. The one half that is in English is the refrain, “She sings, she sings come dwelling. When she sings, she sings come dwelling,” notes Slash Movie.

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Loki’s demand for one more drink additionally mirrors Thor’s order for a espresso within the 2011 movie. After Thor finishes his espresso at a diner, a lot to the shock of the human patrons round him, smashes the mug to the ground and yells, “One other!” Loki follows the identical eccentric Asgardian customized within the episode.

Loki’s bisexuality

The episode reveals that each Loki and Sylvie determine as bisexual. Director Kate Herron even spoke about it on Twitter not too long ago. Throughout their time on the Ark, Loki reveals that he enjoys being with each genders and believes his variants share this trait, one thing Sylvie doesn’t disagree with. Display Rant writes that this references the Agent of Asgard, the place the God of Mischief is portrayed as gender-fluid.

Sylvie’s sword

Sylvie wields a sword all through the episode, and a close-up of the weapon reveals Asgardian inscriptions. Display Rant writes that it in all probability implies that Loki and Sylvie’s backstories usually are not too dissimilar.


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