Film crews from Showtime’s ‘Dexter’ starring Mike C. Halo are seen walking towards Bull Run in Shirley

Earlier this month, the crew for 'Dexter' was set up at the AC Hotel by Marriott.

Shirley – So after a week of filming in a residential area of ​​Grafton, where is ‘Dexter’ going to pop up next?

All signs indicate that everyone’s favorite fictional serial killer is going to film at Shirley’s Bull Run restaurant, 215 Great Road, this week.

Although the show has not been named, Bull Run posted on its website that due to the Showtime network’s filming, the restaurant will be closed to the public until June 2.

In addition, Bull Run posted on its Facebook page that Showtime rented the property for the filming of “an award-winning series” this month.

Last week, Michael C. Hall, who won both a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award for portraying the series’ deeply complex and conflicting title-character, the versatile character actor (and the show’s main villain for this season), Clancy Brown.

In Grafton, the yard at 3 Chestnut St was covered with a bed of (fake) snow. There was even a Christmas tree inside the house decorated with twinkling lights.

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