Easier Data Protection with Android Enterprise Essentials

Mobility is critical to how businesses keep their teams engaged, especially in a hybrid world where many of us can work from anywhere. This trend is great for team productivity, and it gives businesses the tools they need to digitize their work and serve customers.

Yet these businesses should always be mindful of device security threats – 47% of companies have seen an increase in cyberattacks since work from home shifts began.

Security breaches can be catastrophic for any organization, especially with mobile devices being linked to sensitive company data. But unfortunately small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are less able to absorb the high cost of these security breaches. According to a National Cyber ​​Security Coalition survey, after experiencing a breach, 10% of SMBs file for bankruptcy and 25% go out of business.

With limited budgets and IT resources, most SMBs must choose between management products that are either expensive and overly complex for their needs, or have no security at all.

At Google, we take a security-first approach to our products, and are committed to helping businesses of all sizes keep their data safe and secure. That’s why we created Android Enterprise Essentials – an automated and affordable security service for businesses with simple needs. Essentials is designed and built by Google’s Android team, guided by our in-depth experience in creating secure and usable solutions for organizations. We have put the needs and realities of SMBs first to create a well-organized set of security and management defaults at an affordable price.

available in more markets

After providing early access to Essentials through our launch partners, it is now generally available through additional partners in the US, UK, Japan, France and Germany, with more countries to come soon.

Essentials makes it easy to secure and manage devices. Devices with Essentials are automatically enabled with important features such as remote wiping lost or stolen devices and applying a screen lock or preventing sideloading of apps. You can send the equipment directly to your employees, who can set them up automatically and put them to use right away with no training required. If you ever need to take action, you can view and manage devices through an easy-to-use, streamlined portal. And all this comes at an affordable price, requiring no additional IT investment.

Essentials also works for larger organizations that want to extend core security to devices that don’t require advanced device management. Essentials can serve as a starting point for customers who want to try simple management first, and may consider upgrading to more sophisticated management solutions in the future.

Simple solutions for customers

The National Services for Health Improvement (NSHI) is a UK-based organization focused on improving patient outcomes for its network of global healthcare clients. Essentials provided a quick way to mobilize your teams without a complicated setup process.

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