Dragon Ball Super: Android 17 should replace Goku

With Dragon Ball Super becoming more and more distant, Android 17 is the perfect character to bring the series back to Earth.

power scaling in dragon ball super continues to get out of control. Goku is still working on his Ultra Instinct technique and his obsession with getting stronger is making him increasingly one-dimensional. Thanks to Tournament of Power, Android 17’s short time in the spotlight was enough to prove that he’ll be a more compelling main character going forward.

Ever since Raditz first touched down on Earth at the start of dragon ball g, the franchise has been all saiyan, all the time. At this point, the biggest selling point of Android 17 as a lead is that he’s not a Saiyan. Without a genetic craving for war or an increasingly confusing number of alterations, there’s more room for real personality in a super cyborg.

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Android 17 and Goku in Tournament of Power

Android 17 really has a family it loves and a job it enjoys. In fact, despite being part machine, he is far more human than Goku. When 17 won the Tournament of Power, he used his will to restore destroyed universes, showing that he had the compassion needed to be a real, franchise-leading hero. Back then, Android 18 even says Goku is rubbing off on his brother.

this is happening dragon ballIt is important to be a strong warrior. Luckily, Android 17 has proven itself more than capable by standing its ground against Super Saiyan Blue Goku, God of Destruction Toppo, and even Jiren. The android is also remarkably clever in combat, being able to avoid and outrun opponents, albeit unmatched.

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anime dragon ball super android 17 energy blast

The former villain is extremely practical in combat as well. He is not afraid to run away from an opponent until he has developed a plan to defeat them. He holds the distinction of being perhaps the only fighter in the franchise with enough common sense to attack anyone in the middle of a long transition or monologue. Android 17’s battles are more strategic than Goku’s, which is usually a very simple slugfest.

While Android 17 has unlimited energy, this unique feature doesn’t make him a near-impenetrable warrior like Ultra Instinct to Goku. The villains presented to oppose 17 don’t have to be universal threats, and they’ll have to employ more clever tactics to best him in battle. power scaling in Super Growing fast and having Android 17 as the lead would be a great way to rule things out without taking things too far.

Unlike Piccolo or Gohan, Android 17 is the only character that won’t require a ridiculous power boost or dramatic change in character to become the new main character. This will also benefit Goten and Trunks, who have been forgotten until now. Super. His only task now is to protect the 17 islands whenever he is away, so having 17 chiefs would make him relevant again. It would be an amusing dynamic to see the laid-back android try to get into a fight with some Saiyan kids who are also his employees.

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Android 17 in Tournament of Power

The best part is that Android 17 is an improvised villain. Initially created by Dr. Giro as a weapon to kill Goku, he has a dark history for both internal and external conflict. his villainous past was only hinted at Super Looking at him from Piccolo’s reaction, seeing the vicious fight they once had. Any Dark Red Ribbon Army Secret Still Secret in the World dragon ball It will be a huge struggle for which 17 can certainly feel a level of responsibility.

Despite Power being the clear MVP of the tournament, K. Moro Arch dragon ball super The manga is sadly deprecated to 17, the sad fate of everyone not named Goku or Vegeta. He contributed little to the final fight and was ultimately a spectator. Goku will have to pass the torch sooner or later and Android 17 will be the perfect replacement. No screaming change or divine intervention, just a hands-on Android rated E for all.

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