Best Augmented Reality Games for Android for 2021

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Analytics Insight highlights the latest and best Augmented Reality games for Android.

Augmented reality is an enhanced version of the real physical world. AR is achieved through the use of digital elements that are visual, or other sensory stimuli such as sound that is delivered through technology. With the digital transformation, AR has become a growing trend among all the mobile companies.

Today such highly interactive technology exists everywhere. There are some great AR games that engage users with stunning visuals and graphics, thus redefining augmented reality.

With the help of mobile game development companies, highly advanced AR games are hitting the augmented reality market.

Analytics Insight highlights the latest and best Augmented Reality games for Android-

Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery

In the game, players challenge non-functional animatronics in their real world and try to survive these horrors in their lives. Through the game, players subscribe to Fazbear Entertainment’s brand new “Fazbear Funtime Service” and receive their favorite animatronics on-demand. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the visiting animatronics goes haywire and attacks the customers instead of entertaining them. The main focus is how long the players can survive. Players will face an endless stream of aggressive animatronics that will follow them wherever they go.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

It’s the latest AR game from Niantic and it’s a lot like Pokemon Go. Players have to roam the real world, collect various things, and engage in combat with various enemies. Also, players jointly have to deal with a disaster that has affected wizards everywhere. Overall, this is a good game, especially for Harry Potter fans. The game features popular characters from the Harry Potter series as well as a variety of new characters.

jurassic world alive

The game takes the player to a world where wild prehistoric creatures run freely in modern civilizations. Through the game, players come across dinosaurs, tyrannosaurs, mammoths and have to collect DNA samples to build their own raptor. From there, players compete with other players and can even create hybrid dinosaurs in the game’s Lab mode.

king of pool

The app features a pool table that gives the players a look and feel of being physically present in front of the player. After that the player can play pool there. It features online multiplayer with 8-Ball as the main game type. More recently, there is a global chat system, a player profile containing all their stats.

Nightfall AR-

It is basically a board game played through mobile devices. This is also similar to the kings of pool game. The player just needs to find a flat surface and the game starts from there.

The Walking Dead-

It is similar to Jurassic World game. Players roam the real world while killing zombies. However, the zombies change depending on the player’s location. One player needs to kill the zombies, and then place a mark on the map for the other players to find. There are tons of story missions to play in the game.

Zombie walks-

From the beginning, the game takes the player to a zombie-filled world where the player has to run and collect items to survive the zombie attack.

Beer Pong Ar-

This game is one of the best AR Android games. It grants players to pick and choose the surrounding environment where the player wants to install the beer and after installation, players can throw ping pong balls. Also, the game lets the player select the best angle before throwing the ball. Playing Beer Pong AR creates no chaos and provides real-time participation in implementing AR technology.

Egg, Inc-

Here the player has to build a farm, collect resources and upgrade everything. The gameplay is very simple, there is no confusion within the game. But the gameplay uses Google’s ARCore, so the player’s device must support ARCore.

pokemon go-

This is the best and most played mobile game ever. It is still trending in the market of AR mobile games. The core of the game is that players have to capture Pokemon, fight gyms, and hit Pokestops. Features in the game are still being developed. The game was recently updated in 2018 and brought in trainer battles, pokemon trading, etc.

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