Best Android Games like Pokémon 2021 – Monster Hunter Stories, Tiny Titans, Beastie Bay and more

Sometimes, you just want to collect monsters in a fantasy world and then pit them in battle against each other. Unfortunately though, there isn’t a proper Pokémon game on mobile to help you fulfill that wish.

However, there are a bunch of games that are like Pokemon. That’s why we have written a list of them for you to read at your leisure. Some of them perfectly capture the essence of the Pokemon, others run away with it in their direction.

Hopefully there’s something here that’s going to catch your eye. We have included links so that you can download all the games as well. It covers everything – here are the best Android games like Pokemon in 2021.

A gorgeous, massive RPG set in the Monster Hunter universe that sees you assembling super-adorable versions of the critters you’d normally slice into pieces with elaborate weapons. It’s pricey at $19.99, but it’s definitely worth the investment if you haven’t played the handheld version.

It uses gacha mechanics when it comes to monster collection, but you’re still building a team of famous monsters and it’s still a lot of fun. Even if you’re not a fan of the Dragon Quest series, there’s a lot to love here. It’s a free game and there are IAPs, but it’s possible to play for free if you’re willing to grind your face.

Evertale follows the Pokémon template very closely. There’s a big adventure to be had, and you’re building your team of violent critters along the way. It lacks some of the charm of Pokemon, but it’s still quite attractive. It’s free with IAPs, and the deeper you get into the game, it can pay you a bit hefty.

You’re not collecting pocket monsters here, you’re collecting action figures based on Teen Titans. It’s a game that’s going to leave a big smile on your face – it’s funny, charming and also beautiful looking. Tiny Titans is a premium game with no IAP.

Another TV show tie-in, this time with Rick and Morty. You have to collect different Mortises from different timelines and use them to defeat the crap from other Mortises. It captures the craziness of the show well, and it’s addictive, too. It’s a free game to play with IAP, but it’s not as pay-to-win as some.

A gorgeous, pixel-art collection from Carosoft-’em-all-’em-up. There’s even a city building thrown in for good measure. There are some really neat ideas here, and it’s hard to get bogged down in it. Beastie Bay is free to download, but there are IAPs and ads as well.

Another that follows the foundation of the Pokémon series very closely. Explore a huge RPG world, collect monsters, use them to defeat other monsters. You can download it for free, but there are IAPs. You can still enjoy the game without paying.

This one is so pokemon that it can’t be more pokemon. Embark on a brightly colored monster-collecting adventure (there are over 300 to obtain), evolve your critters through three stages, wear a naughty hat while you’re at it. It’s free, and a 99c IAP will unlock the entire game and get rid of ads. There are other IAPs out there that aren’t ideal, but Nexomon is still a lot of fun.

Adventure through more worlds for you, more monsters for you to collect. You have 180 creatures to catch, and the game is very well polished too. This will set you back 99c, and you can play it offline too. There are other IAPs for currencies, but you don’t have to pay to enjoy them.

official pokemon game

Of course, there are a bunch of official Pokémon games on the Play Store as well, though none of them are quite as Pokémon-y as we’d like. Here is a list of them all.

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