Android will add an update similar to iOS to find your device

Currently working on Android 12, operating system update Which will bring new things. They haven’t revealed on what date this version will be available, but we do know that it will be there after August 2021. Although it is still a few months before the launch, there are already many functions to be included in the new update. Known.

There will be changes in the design, in the care of privacy, and in audio transitions among other things. One of the announced functions that will be very useful is the new method of locating lost devices.

Normally the device needs to be connected to a wireless network to be able to see where it is and it works through an account registered in your name. In Android 12, they will use the technology that Apple currently uses in which a “network of devices” is used. This will allow you to find devices without being connected to the network.

The Android version, “Find My Device” will still use your device’s network to find itself. This way, locating a lost or stolen cell phone will be easier and faster.

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