Android Smartphone Users Alert! Remove these 8 apps containing ‘Joker’ malware

Some Google Play Store applications have been spotted with Joker malware. Malware penetrates the user’s device through the application and then secretly collects data and subscribes these users to premium subscriptions without the user’s knowledge or consent.

Joker Trojan malware has been seen in Google Play Store apps for the past three years. A recent report by Quick Heal Security Labs spotted 8 Joker malware on the Google Play Store. These eight applications were reported to Google and the tech giant has removed all the applications from its store.

Here are eight apps that were recently spotted with the Joker Trojan virus and should be removed from any Android device:

  • helpful message
  • Fast Magic SMS
  • free camscanner
  • super message
  • element scanner
  • get message
  • travel wallpaper
  • Super SMS

Joker Trojan steals information from the victim’s device through SMS messages, contact list and device information. The Trojan will then silently interact with advertising websites and even subscribe premium services to the victim without their knowledge.

According to the Quick Heal report, at launch, these applications ask for notification access, which is used to get notification data. The application then takes the SMS data from the notification, and asks for contact access. When access is granted, the app allows and manages phone calls. After that, it continues to work without showing any visible malicious activity to the user.

The cyber security company claims that malware authors spread these malware applications to scanner applications, wallpaper applications, messaging applications on the Google Play Store. Such applications may soon become a target. Users are advised to avoid such applications and use only those which are trusted.

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