Android and iOS: 27 Apps and Games That Are Free for a Short Time!

This week on NextPit, we’re back with our roundup of apps and games for Android and iOS that are free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for a limited time. Keep your hands on these apps and games for as long as you can – starting tomorrow they might cost money again!

Fresh Week, Fresh App Bargains! As always on Tuesdays and Fridays, we show you a wide selection of apps and games that you’d normally pay for – and that are available for free for a short period of time.

Every week we remind you to install apps and games even if you don’t need them or you just want to play them. By installing them, they’ll be added to your library and you’ll be able to quickly remove them again – and then install them again for free as soon as you need them.

Free Apps and Mobile Games for Android

These Android apps are currently free:

  • My Sheet Music – Sheet Music Viewer, Music Scanner (USD 2,99): A sheet music scanner that allows you to read piano sheet music and any type of score directly on your smartphone. was already here last saturday
  • Qamp – Pro Music Player (USD 0,99): MP3-player with many features like 10-band equalizer and possibility to configure and boost bass separately.
  • iEncrypto – Security Layer for Any Messenger (USD 2.49): Looks like a messenger, but it is a tool that gives you more security and discretion with other messengers like WhatsApp. Messages written in iEncrypto automatically end up in an encrypted version in the clipboard and can then be pasted into the desired Messenger app.
  • magic slate pro (USD 0.99): A simple drawing program, mainly for children, who should be encouraged in their creativity.
  • Bookmark Manager – Website Favorites Manager (USD 0.99): As the name suggests, it is a bookmark manager. It allows you to access your saved links independently from your browser.

These Android games are currently free:

Free Apps and Mobile Games for iOS

These iOS apps are currently free:

  • geoshred play (USD 10.99): With this app everyone can create musical masterpiece. At least that’s what it sounds like. 4.9 stars as a rating – that gives hope for the musician’s career!
  • rhyme scheme! (USD 1,09): Talk about career as a musician – Rhymes is an app that suggests suitable rhymes. This will help you with your song too!
  • yin yoga (USD 7.99): This yoga app will help you to get in sync with yourself. Try it today, it’s free!
  • Scanner Lens Pro (USD 10.99)Who needs a cumbersome scanner when you can do it with your iPhone and this app too?
  • my sketch ps (USD 2.29): Once again, an app that allows you to turn your photos into beautiful sketches.
  • houdini playlist (USD 3.49): Exciting app that allows you to migrate from one music service to another while keeping your playlists. Currently works with Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music.
  • stockorbit (USD 4.49)Option trading is your thing? Then maybe this app will help you and make sure you save money.
  • Solunar Best Hunting Times (USD 3.49)When is the best time to go hunting? This app tells you and takes into account the phases of the moon, weather conditions and sunrise times.
  • navigate to photo (USD 1.09): Navigating Photos is a convenient way to navigate to any photo taken with location data. It works with your navigation apps.
  • Private Photo Vault Pro (USD 7.99)Password Control: Prevents others from accessing your photos and videos.

These iOS games are currently free:

  • Tales of the Black Death – Italy (USD 2.99): The adventure game recommended above for Android fans is currently also available for iOS, that too for free!
  • tovaga (USD 1.09): You are the hero who has to defend Towaga’s temple in this eye-catching 2D game.
  • Treehole Adventure (USD 1.09): Install this game to find out what happens when you are pulled into an enchanted hole in a tree.
  • company (USD 1.09): From a lowly employee to a board member who can’t make it in real life? In ‘The Firm’ it can work, I promise!
  • Devil Twins: VIP (USD 1.09): Take part in frenzied battles and defeat monstrous monsters.
  • Tower of Fortune (USD 1.09): This RPG is already nine years old and it is visible in the visuals. Still, 4.6 stars and many glowing reviews speak volumes for this entertaining little game.
  • Goat Gone Wild Simulator 2 (USD 1.09): Well? Already played a goat that blows up objects with dynamite this week? didn’t you? Then you know what you have to do!

that’s it for today. Again, the apps are only temporarily free, so hurry up. We’d be happy if you point out the apps listed here that already cost money again, and we’re also grateful for your app recommendations.

If today was nothing for you: This coming Friday we’ll have another big package for you here at NextPit with apps and games that have been free for a short time, so check back on the latest.

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