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6 Best Android Live Wallpapers We Think You’ll Love

Both Android phones and iPhones can display dynamic wallpapers that change over time, but Android backgrounds offer a lot more flexibility. You can show short, looping videos (like those bundled with Pixel phones) and even notification widgets running behind your apps and home screens.

Those widgets can show a variety of useful data that you want to keep track of: for example, your current daily fitness stats, or how many times you’ve unlocked your phone after waking up. The live wallpapers we’ve chosen below will give you a good idea of ​​what’s possible.

To change your wallpaper on Android, open Settings, then select Displayhandjob Styles & Wallpapers, and Wallpaper. then, look for live wallpaper Title. If you’re not using stock Android, the process and menu names may be slightly different, but finding alternatives shouldn’t be too difficult.


velpaper android live wallpaper.
Wellpaper displays your phone usage in several different ways. wallpaper

The free wallpaper is developed by OnePlus, but it’s not just for OnePlus phones – any Android handset can run it. It’s called WellPaper because it looks after your wellbeing, turning the wallpaper on your device into an ever-changing background that tells you how often you’re accessing your phone and what you’re doing when you do. are.

You get a choice of three wallpaper designs, each of which takes a different approach to showcasing your app usage in five categories: Lifestyle & Communication, Entertainment, Gaming, Information & Business, and Devices. You can choose from a tiled block pattern, a soft glow, or a series of rings to map everything out.

activity bubbles

Activity Bubbles Android Live Wallpaper.
Activity bubbles remind you how many times you’ve unlocked your phone. activity bubbles

Activity Bubbles, which Google offers for free, has the same purpose as Wellpaper: it displays your phone usage. In this case, the design is a series of bubbles that grow in size and number as you spend more time on your handset.

Every time you unlock your phone, a new bubble appears and grows in size until you put your phone down again. It lets you see at a glance how much time you’ve been staring at the mobile screen, although the bubbles reset every day.

OZU Device Information

OZU Device Info Android Live Wallpaper.
Find out what’s going on with your phone using Oajoo Device Info. OZU Device Information

If you’ve ever wondered what’s happening on your device, the free Ozu Device Info Live Wallpaper can tell you. It replaces your phone’s background with a data-packed dashboard, covering everything from how much RAM you’re using to current battery level.

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You get a variety of options for customizing the color and text of the wallpaper, although the categories of information shown on the screen are fixed. An on-screen compass is also included with the wallpaper, which can come in handy.


cartogram android live wallpaper.
Cartogram turns your phone background into a beautiful map. cartogram

Cartogram Live Wallpaper will cost you $2.50, but we think it’s worth the investment: it lets you create detailed map backgrounds for your Android phone and customize them with colors and styles to suit your taste. enables. Even better, you have an almost unlimited number of options to play with.

What makes it particularly useful for our list is that the map’s background can change according to your location, giving you a quick and convenient overview of any location at the time – which is one of the best places to visit. Suitable for travellers.

weather live wallpaper

weather live wallpaper for android phone.
Weather Live Wallpaper background changes depending on the weather in your area. weather live wallpaper

Most of us love to know the weather forecast, and Weather Live Wallpaper puts it right on the background of your Android device. With it installed, you’ll be able to change photo backgrounds for free, but you’ll need to spring for the $5 upgrade to dynamically change the weather on the image you like.

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The background picture then shows the weather and time of day at your current location, along with some delicious animations (such as moving clouds and leaves blowing in the wind). With this wallpaper set, you’ll only need to take a quick look at your phone to know what the weather will do in the next few hours.

material islands

Material Islands Android Live Wallpaper.
Material Island Wallpaper can show weather conditions and time of day. material islands

Material Islands Live Wallpapers give you the option of beautifully rendered backgrounds that change based on the time of day and automatically adjust to show current weather conditions – that last feature requires a $5.49 upgrade But you can browse through the wallpaper images (and use the time of day feature) for free.

Your background choices include famous sites like Stonehenge or the Pyramids of Giza, as well as more general scenes like forests and desert islands. If you prefer, you can let the app change its wallpaper for you every day, switching to a random pick each time.

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