5 Distinctive Benefits of Bitcoin Gambling on Android

Thanks to the active development of blockchain technology, an increasing number of Android users are starting to get comfortable with the nature of bitcoin and fully embrace the cryptocurrency. In turn, this has started the trend of bitcoin casinos that celebrate and represent its best features; Privacy, convenience and security.

In short, bitcoin gambling on Android boils down to the following benefits:

1. Privacy

A good number of Android-based bitcoin wallets don’t require you to link your funds to a real-world identity, and most crypto enthusiasts prefer to keep it that way, if possible. In contrast, a typical online casino will ask you to scan your government-issued ID for the purpose of keeping away underage gambling and other forms of fraud. But even if you’re not planning on obscuring anything, there may still be a valid reason to have second thoughts about handing over such sensitive personal information, and that’s because of cybersecurity.

In other words, how can you trust online casino platforms to handle such sensitive information in accordance with industry best practices? Once you get it out of your hands, it’s under their protection, and in the event of a breach, it could end up in the claws of an unauthorized third-party.

The good thing is that there are workarounds that allow you to gamble online on a smart device without revealing your identity. For example, this no limits online casino will only ask for an email, username and a password to complete your registration. So not only is it a welcome sigh of relief in terms of protecting your privacy, but it also makes things more convenient. At the end of the day, a 3-step registration process is always better than a 10-step registration process.

2. Location Independence

You will soon find that gambling laws vary from country to country. Even though online gambling is perfectly legal where you are coming from, it does not necessarily have to be in the local area where you are currently living. Even if you enter another country as a tourist, you are forced to comply with local laws or regulations, even if some people feel that their personal rights are violated. Has been done.

Bitcoin casinos, however, flip the concept on its head by allowing everyone to decide whether or not to gamble online (and live with the consequences) in their own hands. In other words, players of all nationalities are welcome, and since there are no banks or other middlemen in the equation when it comes to bitcoin transactions, there is nothing between you and your ability to deposit funds. And yes, it can be done from anywhere in the world, right from your trusted phone.

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3. Speed

If you can’t stand the sight of wire transfers, you’re not alone. Not only can it take several days for them to arrive, but on some occasions the bank may outright reject a transaction. For example, some countries that do not place sufficient emphasis on basic human freedoms and rights may not like the idea of ​​money to leave their country, so they prohibit such transactions. Others may bother you with further confirmation or paperwork. All considered, wire transfer is a mess!

But thanks to the rapid development of blockchain and related technologies, the transfer of money in digital form can take anywhere from minutes to seconds, and such transfers can reach any part of the world rapidly. In fact, some cryptocurrencies outperform Bitcoin (an example would be Ethereum) in this regard, but either way, all offer a far better experience and speed than traditional payment methods.

4. No Taxes or Fees

Since no financial authority has the final say about bitcoin transactions, any fees incurred in making the transaction are effectively exempt from taxes and duties. That being said, you may still be subject to taxation on your winnings in your home country, so double-check with local laws and regulations to see if this applies to you.

For example, some countries such as England, Austria, Germany, Scotland and Finland will not tax your gambling winnings at all (which is true regardless of their total amount), while the US will. Since politics and laws change all the time, it is recommended that you do your own research. But when it comes to taxation on individual transactions within a casino (an example of which is making a deposit), paying with bitcoin is cheaper because there are no additional fees.

5. A Wide Variety of Games

Some players make the misconception that bitcoin casinos cannot give them the same amount of freedom of game selection as the technology is relatively new. The good news is that not only does it match the number of titles you might encounter at a regular casino, but it often exceeds it.

This is because bitcoin casinos are relatively newcomers to the gambling market themselves, so they are under enormous pressure to outperform and outperform their competitors, many of which are gambling establishments with long histories of performance. Therefore, they strive to be better in every respect. To make the most of the situation, be sure to take advantage of their often generous bonuses and prizes to attract new players.

Compared to traditional gambling establishments, bitcoin casinos offer a number of advantages to an Android-wielding gambling enthusiast. So if you haven’t already, now is a great time to familiarize yourself with how a cryptocurrency wallet works; You may soon find yourself in need of someone.

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